A Note from Erienne [continued]

Erienne Romaine

...Everyone is waiting for me to get to the part when I have a seizure and later discover I need brain surgery. It's an interesting story, but not a story I want to own. That doesn't mean I'm denying the story, or trying to just forget about it; it means I don't want to carry it around with me like a cloud over my head, somehow believing that the cloud is what I am. I don't want to introduce myself, "Hey, I'm Erienne Romaine, and I have a mass of malformed veins residing in my head, and need surgery!", because that's not true. My name is Erienne Romaine, and who I am is not a difficult time, or other various traumas/dramas. It's something that words aren't meant to label or describe, and that includes "singer", "writer", "artist", "girl", "brunette", whatever. It's something that must be known, yet not defined. Every single person on this planet has a story- stories are inevitable; time brings something new every day, and it is so easy to drown in your story. When one becomes what has happened, and what will happen, one becomes a series of mere moments and uncertainty. At least that's how I feel. I'm definitely no saint, though; many times I confuse who I am with the story, and suddenly I feel insufficient because my story says things like "no singing for months," and "sharp head pains." I try and keep myself centered as much as I can though, remembering who I am, not the "arteriovenous malformation." Although I've only traveled a small ways down this..."scenic route" of procedures and appointments, I can already tell that this is helping me strengthen my faith in who I am and why I'm here. It's not an accident, it's not a flaw- it's an opportunity. An opportunity to trust the presence of love in myself, in my doctors, and in the outcome If you've purchased this CD, then you probably want to help. Thank you so much for contributing- we [my family] certainly need some financial assistance. Now, I'm asking you to trust- trust in my highest good, trust in your highest good, trust in your family's highest good, trust in the world's highest good, just trust. After you trust (but not expect), everything falls into place, and your "story" begins to dissipate.

Love, Erienne

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